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Returns an array or object of resources from resourceSlice based on the filter provided.


  1. 1.
    resourceSlice (Object): The slice of your state that a resourceReducer is responsible for.
  2. 2.
    filter (Array|String|Function): The filter to apply. It can be an array of resource IDs, or the name of a list. If a function is provided, then getResources will iterate over the collection of resources, returning the resources that the function returns truthy for. The function will be called with three arguments: (resource, resourceMeta, resourceSlice). If no filter is provided, then all of the resources in the resourceSlice will be returned.
  3. 3.
    options (Object): An object to customize the behavior of getResources. Presently, only one option is supported: byId. Pass { byId true } to receive the results as an object instead of an array.


(Array|Object): An Array of resources, unless byId is passed as true, in which case an object will be returned instead.


import { getResources } from 'redux-resource';
import store from './store';
const state = store.getState();
// Retrieve resources by an array of IDs
const someBooks = getResources(state.books, [1, 12, 23]);
// Retrieve those same resources as an object
const someBooksAsObject = getResources(state.books, [1, 12, 23], { byId: true });
// Retrieve resources by a list name
const popularBooks = getResources(state.books, 'mostPopular');
// Retrieve the "selected" resources
const selectedBooks = getResources(state.books, (resource, meta) => meta.selected);
// Returns all resources
const allResources = getResources(state.books);


  • You don't always need to use this method to access resources. Just need one resource? If the resource is on a slice called books, you can directly access it using store.getState().books.resources[bookId].
  • When the order of your resources doesn't matter, then it probably makes sense to pass { byId: true } as options so that you can look up your resources more quickly.