Redux Resource Plugins

These plugins can be used to augment the reducer returned by resourceReducer. The plugins are a collection of common patterns that you may find yourself needing when writing a CRUD application.

Do you find yourself using the same plugin over and over? Let us know, and it might find its way into this package!

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Install redux-resource-plugins from npm:

npm install redux-resource-plugins --save

Then, import the pieces of the package that you need:

import { selection } from 'redux-resource-plugins';


This library is a collection of different plugins. Refer to their individual documentation pages to learn more.

  • reset: This plugin provides action types that let you reset the state of an entire slice. You can also pass a list to reset the state of just that list.

  • includedResources: This plugin adds support for including multiple resource types into a single action for read requests. This can be useful if you're using GraphQL, JSON API, or normalizr.

  • httpStatusCodes: Add this plugin to track the HTTP status codes associated with each request. The built-in reducer behavior doesn't provide any information specific to HTTP. What this means is that if a request fails, for instance, you won't be able to tell that it failed with a 404 response.

Deprecated Plugins

The following plugins are deprecated. There are built-in features that provide the same functionality as these plugins.

  • selection: This plugin allows you to

    maintain a list of "selected" resource IDs. If your interface displays a list

    of resources that the user can select to perform bulk operations on, then this

    might be useful to you.

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